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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you

I, like many others this time of year begin to start to put my year in perspective and remind myself of the many things I am thankful for.

This year has been a journey of self and self-awareness to the things and people that complete me. I had an, "Ah,ha" moment this last year when I had to lighten my load of a friendship that I had fostered since I was a child. I meant and wish for no harm but to continue it would have continued to build a toxicity toward her. I miss her at times, but it truly is the idea of her not the reality. So with that, I am number one thankful for the ability to stand up for myself this year. It's an odd thing to be thankful to be selfish but for many years I have given to that relationship with little reciprocation. We all want love in our lives but we must start with ourselves.

It is the positive and nurturing relationships that help to shape us. A smile from my little sister, helps remind me of this. Something I have been very lucky to have in my life is my sisters. Through each of our ups and downs through all the years we have always been best friends. We may not agree on everything all the time but they truly are wonderful women. I love them.

Thankful for...

~ a wonderful husband who always loves and looks out for me
~ for our blessed family
~ my mom, she made me
~ our family & friends
~ the roof over our head
~ the food on our table, each morning and night
~ my faith in God
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